Friday, May 1, 2015

Alice and Jane

WARNING: This post contains large quantities of adorableness.  You may experience involuntary vocalizations of "aawww" and "So cute!", as well as the urge to buy a plane ticket to Baton Rouge immediately so you can see the cuteness in person.

Alice has loved Jane since the moment we brought her home and Alice put out her arms and said, "Hold her!"

She has never been a particularly sympathetic child so she doesn't get upset when Jane cries, which is probably a good thing since Jane is a pretty fussy baby.

She is very gentle with Jane and hasn't been jealous at all except for when Daddy is holding her.

Then she begs to be held by him too.

She asks to hold Jane a few times everyday.

She likes to rock her in the bassinet and put a blanket on her.

Love how she looks like "Don't you dare mess with my little sister!"

Every morning when she first sees Jane she excitedly yells "Baby Jane awake!"

I had planned on trying to do a photo shoot with Alice and Jane when she was born but I decided it would just be too difficult.

And I figured there would be plenty of chances to take candid pictures of them together, and I was right.

Jane's shirt says "Best Sister Ever" (Thanks Edwards!)

Love Jane's face here.

I can't wait to watch them grow up together and (hopefully) be best friends.

But for now, one things for sure, Alice is a wonderful big sister!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rosedown Plantation

This past Saturday we decided to get out and explore some more of Louisiana.

We headed to Saint Francisville, about 45 minutes north of us.

I looked up the weather forecast on Friday and it said it was going to be in the 80s and no rain on Saturday.

Guess I should have checked again because when we got to Saint Francisville it started raining and rained the rest of the day.

But we decided to brave it anyways and we went to Rosedown Plantation.

We walked though some of the grounds.

Beautiful big oak trees and tons of spanish moss.

We would have walked around more except the mosquitos were terrible!

 Alice LOVED carrying an umbrella and looked like a little model sporting her beloved "tutu dress".

Jane slept the whole time we were there.  She practically lives in the ring sling.

The plantation house.

The "driveway".

Hanging out on the front porch waiting for the tour to start.

The tour was very interesting and Alice did super well considering you can't touch anything.

The whole time we were on the tour though she kept asking to go outside with the umbrella.

After that we went to a little local coffee shop and then decided to go home.

It was a fun little adventure and we'll have to go back on a day with better weather, there are 5 more plantations in that area.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jane Lily is Here!

Jane Lily is here!

The birth went great.

It was so similar yet so different from Alice's birth.

The timeline was identical, even the day of the week.

For both births, it went like this:

I started having mild, 15 min apart contractions Wednesday night.

They continued all day Thursday.

At 11pm they got stronger and closer together.

At 4:01am (Alice), 4:07am (Jane), baby was born.

Crazy right?

So with this birth, we decided to go to the birth center around midnight.

A wonderful lady from a church came to our house to stay with Alice.

I felt amazing when we got to the birth center.  Like too good.

I was afraid it wasn't the real thing.

I had so much energy and was kinda hyper and talking and laughing between contractions.

I calmed down as time went on but overall the pain of the contractions was really manageable.

At the birth center it was me, Stephen, our midwife Sheri and our doula Rene.

Sheri and Rene were great and helped when we needed it but mostly stood back and gave us our space.

Stephen was awesome.

Somewhere around 3 or 3:30, when the contractions were getting more intense, I got in the tub.

It's amazing how much the water helps, everyone should do a water birth.

Hospitals that don't allow water birth are just cruel.

It really cuts down on the pain.

After being in the tub for a little while I felt the urge to push and in about 6ish pushes, Jane was out!

(That is compared to an hour and half of pushing with Alice!  And no tearing this time.)

She nursed right away with no problems.

She was born March 20th, 7lbs, 4oz and 20 inches long. (Alice was 6lbs 11oz, 19in)

We stayed and rested at the birth center till 11am and then went home.

Alice ran out to the car and said "Baby Jane!  Hold her!"

 Alice keeps saying "Big sister now!"

She seems to be adjusting really well to Jane and hasn't had any jealousy issues yet.

Jane is doing great, eating and sleeping well and has barely cried at all.

It's been a really easy recovery for me.

I did a mini photo shoot of her when she was 4 days old.

Newborn photos are harder than they seem, but I think I got some good ones :)