Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Big Sister School



That's right, Wolfe cub #3 is on the way!

We are SO excited!

It took 2 years to get pregnant with Alice, 6 months to get pregnant with Jane and with this one..

...my very first cycle since Jane was born and our first try!

I can't believe how blessed I am.

Six years ago we were facing the knowledge that we may never have (biological) children and now we are having our 3rd!

God has been so good.

I got to surprise Stephen with the news.  He had been at a conference for a few days and when he left I was sure I was not pregnant.  I didn't have any symptoms and, really, with my record, it wasn't going to happen on the 1st try.

But while he was gone I started getting some hints that I might be pregnant and I took a test and much to my surprise and joy it was positive!

I ran out and bought Jane a shirt that says "Big Sister" (the one in the pictures that is unfortunately super hard to read).

When Stephen came home that evening I put the shirt on Jane and said "Stephen, what do you think of Jane's new shirt?"  Now I know Stephen well and knowing that he is not a very outwardly emotional person I had very low expectations in terms of what his response would be.  I was surprised therefore when Stephen responded with extreme surprise, disbelief and excitement.  It was a sweet moment.

This happened the day before we left for California.

So when we visited my parents we did the same thing.  Put Jane in the "Big Sister" shirt and asked "What do you think of Jane's new shirt?"  My mom's response was priceless.

She looked confused and said "Is it a hand-me-down?"

Me: "Nope."

Then the light bulb went off and they were so excited.

Then we did it to Stephen's family which was a lot of fun too.

Everyone was super excited but Stephen's dad took the longest to get it and then said "Oh, Stephen knocked you up again!" and then said the same thing as my mom, "I thought it was a hand-me-down."

In their defense it is too big on her, the smallest size was a 2T.

Jane will be 1 month shy of 2 years old when the baby is born.

It would be fun to have a boy for a change but I kinda want it to be another girl  :)

I love my sweet girls, and I think 3 girls and then 2 boys would be perfect.

But whatever God gives us will be best!

A Week in Carmel

We recently spent a week in California visiting Stephen's family.

We spent most of the trip in a beautiful house in Carmel, just 2 blocks from the beach.

The house belongs to my brother-in-law's family.

Before we headed to Carmel we did a quick run to Napa.

We saw Stephen's Grandma.

Then spent a few hours with my parents.

The next day we spent a couple hours at the pool in Brentwood.

Alice liked it but Jane did not like the cold water.

Then we drove to Carmel, about 2.5 hours.

I vaguely recall having gone to Carmel once as a kid but I didn't remember anything about it.

So when we drove down the main street and then through the neighborhood of houses I about died from the cuteness.

Such a cute place filled with houses that look like they are from a storybook.

I loved it.

When the cousins arrived, the first thing Alice wanted to do is dance with her ballerina cousin Avila.

She had been talking about it for days.

The two of them were pretty inseparable during the trip.

It was kinda chilly the whole time we were there.  It was in the 60s.

But that didn't stop us from enjoying the beach that was just 2 blocks away.

Avila pretty much "babysat" Jane for a lot of the trip.  It was great.

We celebrated Grandma Patti's birthday one night.

She is always a favorite reader :)

The whole week was really laid back and relaxing.  We mostly just hung out at the house or the beach or walked around looking at houses.

Our one big outing was to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I had been a few times as a kid and always loved it and was really excited for Alice to experience it.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a pretty bad day for Alice.

Lately she has been more emotional and meltdowns have become more frequent and then add on traveling, missed naps and LOTS of stimulus and it accumulated into a day of meltdowns.

The entire time at the aquarium was an emotional roller coaster.

She would be running around happy and excited one minute and then completely meltdown over the tiniest thing (for example, putting a sticker on her shirt).

It was bad.

But the aquarium was still really cool.

An up moment on the roller coaster.

The Edwards.  Such a cute family, right?!

I hear the Jaws music, do you?  :)

The whole time Alice was looking for Dory and Nemo and was very excited when we found them.

Jane loved this one that was just her height and just stared at it for forever.

When we got back to the house, daddy and Alice took a much needed nap.

One of the days, when the girls were napping, Stephen and I walked around the main street of Carmel.

We came across a store dedicated to Alice in Wonderland.

And just around the corner was this Jane Austen store:

It was a funny coincidence (Alice was named after Alice in Wonderland and Jane was named after Jane Austen, in case you didn't know :)

More beach fun.

Jane LOVED playing in the sand but she did NOT like the cold water.

Caught this cute picture where Alice ran up to hold Papa's hand while on a walk.

He really won her over with his magic light-up finger trick.

She thought it was amazing.

Hanging out with Papa Grande.

Hanging out with Grandma.

Jane fast asleep during a walk with Nana.  She was her usual easy going self the whole trip.

Tide pool explorers.

We came across an artist painting and the girls were fascinated.

Auntie Michelle entertaining the kids with home videos.  She was in her element with 6 little ones around her :)

It was a really great trip.  I hope we get to do it again!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jane's 12 Month Photo Shoot

So soon after Jane was born we were walking around the small botanical garden that is behind the library a few blocks from our house and there were tons of beautiful lilies in bloom.

I said, "I will have to take Jane's 1st birthday pictures here!" (Jane's middle name is Lily)

Fast forward to Jane's first birthday and I went to check out the lilies and they weren't in bloom yet!

So I waited and a month later they were all in bloom so we took the girls over there to get pictures of Jane with the lilies.

Sure enough, the photo shoot went a lot like Alice's first birthday photo shoot (the one with the balloons that she didn't want anything to do with)

Jane was not interested in the lilies and refused to sit or stand near them.

Stephen would set her down in the lilies and she would immediately get up and walk away.

"Uh, what am I supposed to do with this?"

Even though it didn't go as planned, I still got some cute pictures of her.

Those blue eyes kill me!

And we had to get some pictures of Alice too of course.

At her 12 month doctor's appointment, Jane weighed 20 pounds and was 29 3/4" long.

Alice was only 18 pounds and 28 1/2" at that age!

Judging by Jane's eating habits (she's a big eater and eats more than Alice sometimes) she may out grow her sister eventually.

She loves vegetables and proteins but I have yet to find a fruit she likes other than apples.

She is a really content and happy baby, or I guess I should say toddler.

She loves to cuddle.

She is always running around with Alice and loves playing with her.

When we try and get her to say "Alice" she says "Ahhhh"

On super rare occasions she will say "mama" but she has started saying "Hi!"

She is a lot of fun and I still can't believe she is 1!