Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And The Wolfepack Grows..

Alice has something important to tell everyone (you may need to turn up the volume):


Yep, that's right, we're having another baby!

Due March 15th 2015.

We are soooo excited!

I am 11 weeks now and we got to hear the heartbeat today.

Alice doesn't really get what's going on, but she likes to point to my belly and say "baby!" and give the baby a kiss.

I am really hoping it's a girl.

I love having a girl and it would be so fun for Alice to have a little sister that is close in age.

Stephen is hoping for a boy, I think he is feeling rather outnumbered since it's Alice and me plus 4 female pets (and 4 female chickens too!).

Glad it's not up to us and God gives us what He choses.

So this pregnancy announcement has come with a lot of awkwardly worded questions such as "Did you do it without help?" or "Did you get pregnant by yourselves?"

Which has given Stephen and me a few good laughs.

Since it took 2 years and 6 rounds of Clomid to get pregnant with Alice, it's a legitimate question.

You hear often of women who struggle with infertility having an easier time after the first child.  The thought is that the pregnancy helps your body kick in gear and regulate your hormones better.

We had always hoped that that would be the case for me.

After Alice turned 1 we started to get more concerned about how long it was taking to get pregnant again but I was still breastfeeding so it was hard to say if it was due to that or not.

I started seeing a doctor who specializes in working with the Creighton-Model (a form of natural family planning and cycle charting).

He has been wonderful and he put me on Myo-inositol (a vitamin supplement) and Metformin (a diabetes medication often given to women with PCOS).

It's hard to say if those things helped me get pregnant or not, since I hadn't been taking them long.

I think it was mostly due to our hopes coming true and my body has normalized after having Alice.

What ever the medical reasons, we are so thankful to God, the creator of life, who has blessed us with this new little life.

Stephen has been wonderful and even has to play Mr. Nurse for the first trimester and give me progesterone shots in my backside (to help keep from miscarrying, just a precaution given my PCOS).

So this means I have hormone injections on top of pregnancy hormones.

Needless to say, I'm not always the nicest or most rational person, though it really hasn't been too bad.

As typical for the second child, things will be a little more laid back and no elaborate belly picture progression as with Alice but I will keep you updated :o)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Follow the White Rabbit

We were out front the other day and Alice saw Giselle (our cat) run into the bushes.

She then decided to follow her and it reminded me so much of Alice following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole that I had to get some pictures.

Of course some of her animals had to make the journey with her.

Love this little face.

That's it :o)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oak Alley Plantation

On Saturday, in celebration of my birthday, we had a family outing.

We picked up some sandwiches and drove an hour to Oak Alley Plantation.

It was our first time at a plantation.  This one was a sugar cane plantation that is on the Mississippi river.

We started with a picnic.

Then started touring the grounds.

The slave quarters.

This plantation is famous for its beautiful alley of oak trees.  We saw a picture of it and that is why we chose this plantation.

But when we got to the alley of oak trees it didn't look the same as the pictures and was pretty but not amazing like the picture had made it look.

We were kinda disappointed but took our posed pictures in front of it.

But then we realized we were at the back of the house, and that the real oak alley was at the front of the house.

And it was amazing.  Lined with 300 year old oak trees.

So we redid our pictures.

Aren't they amazing!

Here is a picture that will help give you some perspective on how big these trees are.

Exploring with Daddy.

The house.

 We did a tour of the house which was interesting but not nearly as grand as I expected.

Alice being silly on the balcony.

After the tour we walked down the alley of oaks.

Here comes Alice!

This girl loves running around and the outdoors.

Oak Alley as seen from across the street.  Isn't it amazing how much the oaks sprawl out!

Across the street from the plantation is the levy and the Mississippi river.

So we climbing up it to see the view.

"I made it!"

The Mighty Mississippi.

Then it was back home for dinner and my choice in movie which was the documentary Babies.

Stephen took it like a trooper with minimum complains :o)

The end.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bluebonnet Swamp

The weekend before finals started for Stephen we decided we had better do something together since he was going to be locked in his office for the next week or two.

So we decided to go to Bluebonnet swamp and get our first real taste of the "bayou".

In the parking lot there's a pond full of turtles which Alice loved, especially because she can say "turtle".

And it's really cute to hear her say it because she kinda over articulates it.

 We went into the nature center and she got to see a snake up close.

She was interested in all the reptiles, not so sure of them, but not really scared either.

Then we went on the walking path that goes through the swamp.

It was really beautiful and a really nice day.

We saw a bunny, which had a swarm of mosquitoes attacking its nose.

It was really gross, and I felt really bad for it.

There were lots of crazy looking caterpillars.

Which meant that Stephen and I spent the whole day with the "Caterpillar, caterpillar, tickle tickle on my arm" song stuck in our head.

So pretty, right?!

We had to keep a close eye on Alice for fear of her falling into the swamp, especially since we saw a couple snakes in the water.

It was a really fun outing and we will definitely go again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Papa and Grandma Visit

Papa Wolfe and Grandma Patti came to visit us during Spring break.

We met up with them in New Orleans.

The weather had been really nice but it suddenly turned cold that week.

We walked around the French Quarter.

And went to the Children's Museum, which Alice loved and had lots of fun playing with Grandma.

Afterward she was very ready for a nap.

The next day we drove to Baton Rouge and showed them around.

At LSU campus showing them the football mascot, Mike the tiger.

He was pretty boring since he was just laying in the dirt but Alice still liked it.

We also took them to the capitol building where Alice discovered the fun of an echo.

It was a fun visit and Alice really enjoyed some Papa and Grandma time.