Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas in Napa

So as usual we spent Christmas in California, about 5 days with my family then 5 days with Stephen's family.

The kids did great on the flight.

Alice was SO excited to fly.

She yelled "AIRPLANE!" about a hundred times at the airport.

Jane slept most of the flight and Alice watched movies.

We got to my parents' house pretty late and put the kids straight to bed.

When we got up in the morning Alice was super excited to see "The Christmas Room".

My parents went all out this year and Alice LOVED it.

Jane quickly went to work and earned herself the nickname "Janezilla"

She derailed the train more times than I can count while we were there.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without baking with Nana.

Cousins Haylee and Kalynn joined in the fun too.

Then add Great Grandma.


It was the big Cooney Christmas day which was ton of fun.  Jane was passed around all day and did great with it.

My cousin Katelyn has a daughter about the same age as Alice and they instantly became best buds, which isn't surprising since Katelyn and I were best buds growing up too.

The next day we went to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Alice could have played there all day.

Making a corn husk doll.

Art with Nana.

 Building with Boppa.

We spent about 3 hours there but got stuck in traffic for about 3 hours on the way back :(

The next day my parents took Alice and her cousin Kalynn ice skating.

Stephen and I were sure she would be out on the ice for like a minute and say "all done."

She had been going through a timid phase.

But thankfully we were wrong and she loved it!

My dad and Kalynn.

I took pictures and Stephen and Jane watched.

We also spent our usual day with our friends the Dunnes in which we forgot to take any pictures except this one of Alice and Evie:

Like always, it was lots of fun.

Christmas Eve was pretty low key at my parents' house with just my grandparents over.

I got to work on our family tree some which is always interesting and fun.

My goal is to be able to give our kids a family tree that goes back at least 3 generations from each of mine and Stephen's parents.

Then it was on to Stephen's family...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Fun

There wasn't much going on around Baton Rouge this summer but once Fall hit there were lots of activities and we tried to make the most of it.

We went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any balloons, they were only there at night and we went in the morning.

It was pretty hot and the festival wasn't that great.

Alice got to ride on some rides.

There was a little petting zoo.

Alice got to hold a rabbit, and it happened to be a white ribbit, and I about died.

We also went to Boo at the Zoo.

Alice has a bunch of dress up dresses so we just let her pick one to wear so she was Anna from Frozen.

I made some ears and a tail for Jane to be a kitten but everyone thought she was a bunny.

Alice had lots of fun seeing all the other kids in costume and trick-or-treating around the zoo.

And of course the candy, she loved the candy.

I got Stephen this shirt for his birthday, he loves the lion king, and I thought it would be really funny.

Then it was trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Alice decided to be Snow White this time.

Every house we went up to we reminded Alice that she needs to say "trick or treat" but as soon as she would see the bowl of candy she would forget and just grab a handful (not even waiting for the person to give her some).

She was pretty excited.

It's been a pretty fun Fall.