Sunday, August 16, 2015

California: Part 2

The second half of our California trip was spent in Napa with my parents.

The first afternoon we celebrated my Boppa's (my dad's dad) 85th birthday with a bunch of the family.

My grandma.

Smiles for my Dad, her Boppa.

My grandparents meeting Jane, their 12th great-grandchild, 11 of which are girls (they have 8 grandchildren, 7 of which are girls).  We make girls in the Cooney family :).

The party also included some great old photos including this one:

My dad is the second from the left, the one with the red shirt, jeans and groovy hair :)

The next day we went to Train Town in Sonoma.

Alice LOVED it and is still talking about it.

She loves trains.

Riding the train.

Then it was on to all the other fun rides!

Her first taste of cotton candy, we had to convince her it was food at first.

The next day we went to the Academy of Science in San Francisco.

We got there and I pulled out my camera to take a picture and realized I had left the battery in the charger back at my parents house!  Thankfully my mom had her camera.

Jane was mesmerized by the aquariums.

Can you tell she was having a good time? ;)

Our last day in Napa we met up with my friends the Dunnes for a quick visit at the park.

Alice got to play with her long distance best friend Evie who is a month older than her. 

Then to Stephen's Grandma's to introduce her to Jane.

That afternoon Alice played with my parents in the pool in the backyard.

Riding a bike all by herself!

Being goofy with Nana's glasses.

And of course our trip wouldn't be complete without some baking with Nana, which she loves.

We got back to Louisiana around midnight.

The shuttle driver sounded exactly like the firefly Ray from Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

It's not often that we get to hear a heavy Cajan accent.

Then we almost hit an armadillo on the drive home.

Reminded us how different Louisiana is from California!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Typical Morning

When I was pregnant with Jane I was a little worried about how Alice would do as a big sister.

Would she be jealous?

Would she be mean to Jane?

Would she be gentle with her?

Would she just ignore her?

Then Jane was born and Alice was instantly the best big sister ever.

Her love for Jane melts my heart on a daily basis.

Here is a taste of my typical morning.

Alice and I have just finished breakfast when there is a slight noise from the bedroom and Alice yells, her voice full of excitement, “Jane awake!!”  

She then runs to the bedroom, opens the door and goes up to the bed and says “Hi Jane!”

Jane looks at her with a big smile on her face.  

Alice then climbs up on the bed, lays down next to Jane, presses her check against Jane’s and says “I love her.”  

I start undressing Jane and Alice goes and gets a diaper and clothes for Jane (no surprise that she choses a dress).  She gives it to me and says “Jane dress, wear it.”  

She climbs back on the bed and accidentally bonks Jane’s head and immediately and sincerely says “Oh, I sorry.  I sorry Jane. “  Then she kisses her on the head and says “All better”.  

Jane meanwhile didn’t even notice the head bonk and is just watching and smiling at Alice.

Love my sweet girls!