Friday, March 21, 2014

18 Months

Alice is 18 months old!

I can't believe it.

She seems more grown up everyday.

She keeps getting taller, talking more, and figuring things out more.

She LOVES playing outside.

Not sure what she is doing here, probably screaming, she does a ton of that now too.

Don't believe me, here is a little taste of life at my house:


She has learned how to throw the ball for Lilo, so now they are best friends.

Her hair is getting longer and developing into some adorable curls.

She loves our neighbor's dog.

She loves to pick leaves and grass and feed it to the dog through the fence.

I miss my baby, but my toddler sure is a ton of fun. :o)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Built-in Bookcases

So we have a ton of books, no surprise there.

Most of them are Stephen's and are theology or philosophy related.

We have keep them on our set of dark brown ikea bookcases.

We have learned though that ikea furniture was not intended to be moved, and certainly not 4 times.

Each move they have fallen apart more and more.

So because of that, and because we had more books than bookcases,

We decided to built some new bookcases.

We had no idea what we were getting into.

The cost and time was more than we had planned.

I spent about 4 days priming and painting all the pieces in our living room.

I listened to Tale of Two Cities while doing it so it wasn't so bad.

Alice of course was very helpful in the whole process.

The bookcases up with some touch ups left.  

Guess you can call them faux built-ins because we made them so they could be taken apart and be used individually and can come with us when we move.

Organizing the books.

Ok so here is the final before and after.



Looks amazing right?!

Sadly we still have 6 boxes of books left over.

Mostly my psychology books and Stephen's civil war books and misc.

We left one of the bottom shelves for some of Alice's books.

I think I am going to regret doing that, we probably should have waited till she has learned to put them back.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Alice the Talker

Alice has been talking a ton lately.

It's so much fun.

She knows about 25 words and about 10 animal noises.

She recently fell in love with strawberries (she hated them before) and is having a hard time with that word.

For some reason she always says something like, pa-dee, pa-dee-do and even once pa-du-wa.

I think since strawberry is so hard a word for her that she just says a random made up word.  She uses the same word for bubbles.  It's strange.

She also babbles a ton.

It is so fun having fake conversations with her.

She has so much to say and looks you in the face really seriously when talking.

A lot of her "sentences" sound like they end with a question mark.

Unfortunately her favorite word is still "no."

Thankfully she has yet to say it defiantly but she does say it in a very whiny way sometimes.

I can't believe I am already dealing with "tone of voice" issues, isn't that supposed to wait until like 13!

Probably the cutest thing she says is "amen".

We sing the doxology with her every night before bed and at the end she says "amen".

And I die.  Too much cuteness.

I turned the camera on my phone so Alice could see herself then got her to say some of her words and noises.

Some of Alice's words (she puts her hand to her check when she say's "hi" because she is pretending she has a phone):


Animal noises:


Body parts:


Her newest word, more death by cuteness:


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Christmas in California: Part 10

Alright, last post about our California trip.

Stephen's parents headed back home on Sunday and we stayed in Ventura until Tuesday.

Sunday we went to church and then hung out at the house and let the kids play.

Alice decided that Mae was having so much fun with the helmet that she wanted to too.

Alice also fell on their brick steps and hit her head right between her eyebrows.

Thankfully it was just a little bump and nothing serious and she had all her cousins to distract her from the pain.

The next day we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

 Checking out the elephants.

Mae seeing the "grr grrs" (lions)

Avila gets really sad that she can't take one of these foxes home.

Then we fed the sheep and goats.

Alice learned what a sheep says.  She is a pro at animal noises.

Sharing the sheep food.

Kids table for lunch.

Back at home, Alice tried on Mae's helmet and loved it.

Had a great dinner that night all together at a pub in downtown Ventura.

That night Alice crashed with daddy on the bed.

We left the next morning.

Alice did great on the flights and killed time during our layover walking the opposite direction on the moving walk ways.  (what a great way to get a toddler tired!)

We got home at exactly 12am on January 1st.

So that is the end of our Christmas in California.

Lots of pictures, lots of fun.

Thanks for hanging in for my 10 part series!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas in California: Part 9

One of the things I was most excited about in going to Ventura was taking Alice to the beach for the first time.

So thankfully the weather was nice and we all headed to the beach.

 Alice loved to playing with the wet sand.

Then she put her toes in the water, which was very cold.

She loved it!

My little adventurous girl.

Then she sat in the water.

Thankfully I brought a change of clothes for her.

The kids then all played at the beach playground.

We got some amazing tacos.

Then back to the house to celebrate the December/January birthdays, Mae, Avila and Nana.

 Alice found the ribbons again.

What was left of Mae's cupcake :o)

Her pretty ballerina.

Reading time.

Watching their new movie Planes.

Walker and Grandma Patti.

 Walker and Nana.

Brewer, the most patient, long suffering dog ever.