Sunday, January 18, 2015

32 Weeks: Pineapple

Jane is about the size of a pineapple!

Only about 2 months to go!

So crazy!

Speaking of crazy...

These hormones sure can make you feel a little off kilter.

Nesting has definitely begun.

I pulled out all of Alice's baby clothes and baby stuff, organized it all and put it in the dresser all ready for Jane.

Alice loves clothes and wanted to put on some of it and I had a hard time explaining to her that it was much too small.

I am hoping that seeing the baby clothes and things helps Alice understand that Jane will be coming out of mommy's belly, not sure she gets that yet.

We can't wait to meet Jane.

It's hard not to imagine her being just like Alice.

I have to remind myself that Jane could be completely different.

Though I am pretty sure she will be born with a head full of hair like Alice, judging by all the heartburn I am having.

(Supposedly there is a correlation between heartburn and your baby having lots of hair, may sound kinda crazy but was so true for Alice)

Other than the heartburn and the general, mild discomfort that comes from being so large, things are going great!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas in Napa

We went to California for close to two weeks over Christmas.

We spent the first half in Napa with my family and the second half in Brentwood (an hour away) with Stephen's family.

It was really nice having a seat for Alice on the plane instead of having her on our lap.  Unfortunately, for some reason during the descent she refused to eat or drink anything (I even had suckers and candy for her), so her ears hurt and she just screamed for like 20 minutes.  When we landed she stopped and seeing out the window how fast we were going she said "Oh, woah!" really loud and everyone around us laughed.

My parents, of course, soaked up as much Alice time as possible so there were a lot of moments like these:

Trips to the park.

As well as much needed date time for me and Stephen.

We went to dinner, saw movies in the theater, and spent one lovely morning driving up valley and stopping at a couple wineries for Stephen to taste wine.  Sure made us wish we lived closer to family!

We, of course, spent some time with our friends the Dunnes while in Napa.

Alice and Evie playing piano together.

Best buds!

We spent one day in San Francisco with my parents and my niece Kalynn.

Alice LOVED ridding on the ferry.

All day and for the rest of the trip, and even now occasionally she will say "Alice in the boat... Mommy in the boat....Daddy in the boat...."etc.

After the ferry ride we went to the Exploratoruim (a kids science/play place).

Most of the stuff is for older kids but even though she didn't understand the science, she still had lots of fun.

She loved this smoke machine thing.  I think she would have stayed there all day if we let her.

The boat ride back.

We did a big Cooney family Christmas one day.

Tried to take pictures in front of my parents tree but 2-year-olds are really not good at taking pictures.

Alice with her cousins Kalynn and Haylee.

 My dad pulled out a bunch of bubble wrap and Kalynn and Alice had a blast with that.

Haylee and I.

We spent one day baking with my mom.

Alice enjoyed that :o)

Then part 2 of our trip began Christmas Day...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

28 Weeks: Eggplant

Yay!  Third trimester!

Getting so excited for Jane to get here!

Not much to say, feeling great, she's kicking a lot, have a tiny bit of heartburn.

Stephen and I are both constantly amazed at how big I am compared to when I was pregnant with Alice.

Stephen is lucky that I am not self-conscience about being big because he regularly looks at me and exclaims "You're huge!"

And I laugh and say "I know, right!?"

I really prefer being pregnant in the summer.

It's so much harder to find winter clothes that fit!

And I really hate maternity jeans.

I really just want to live in sweatpants.

No, not cute yoga pants, they don't fit anymore.

Thick, fluffy, baggy, horribly unflattering, crazy comfy, sweatpants.

Sorry Stephen.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

24 Weeks: Cantaloupe

Jane is now the size of a cantaloupe!

She and I are really getting big now.

I've been feeling great and have enjoyed feeling her little kicks.

At my prenatal appointments, my midwife keeps telling me I am boring because everything is fine and I never really have any questions :o)

Boring is good, I hope it stays that way.

It was around 24 weeks that I started having early contractions with Alice (which ended up leading to nothing but really freaked us out) so we are a little nervous that will happen again.

I am so excited to have a baby soon.

Alice seems more and more grown up everyday, which has been so much fun, but it does make me miss having a baby.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Little Artist

We put Alice's easel outside and gave her some paint and let her go at it.

I dressed her in one of my old Cooney and Co. (my dad's company) t-shirts.

It reminded me of the many painting projects I have done in that shirt.

It was finger paint, but she is like her daddy and doesn't really like things on her hands and so was a little upset when she got paint on her hand. 

Then Daddy showed her she could do a handprint, and then it was cool.

"I have a paintbrush!"

"So awesome!"

"This one is for my blue period.."

"And it needs a little!"

Potty break.

Time for a popsicle.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Alice has recently fallen in love with Cinderella.

It's the only Disney princess movie we've let her watch.

We like Cinderella because it has no scary parts and because she is kind and respectful and isn't rebellious (I'm talking to you Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel and Meridia!)

Whenever we put Classical music on, Alice gets really excited because she thinks it's the music from Cinderella :o)

We are not big Halloween people but a while back Stephen's grandma gave Alice a dress up Cinderella dress so we thought she would have fun dressing up for the day.

And of course I had to take some pictures.

Monday, October 27, 2014

20 Weeks: Mango - Gender Reveal

We had our 20 week ultrasound and found out we are having a baby girl!

We are naming her Jane Lily Wolfe.

Stephen and I both have a thing for old-fashioned names and we love the sweet simplicity of Jane (much like Alice).  

Also, I love Jane Austen.

As for Lily, I just thought it sounded nice, and will probably call her Jane-Lily often.

Jane was being difficult during the ultrasound and wouldn't move her hands from in front of her face so I don't have any cute ultrasound pictures to share.

So excited for Alice to have a sister!

Also, it means we don't have to buy anything!