Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oak Alley Plantation

On Saturday, in celebration of my birthday, we had a family outing.

We picked up some sandwiches and drove an hour to Oak Alley Plantation.

It was our first time at a plantation.  This one was a sugar cane plantation that is on the Mississippi river.

We started with a picnic.

Then started touring the grounds.

The slave quarters.

This plantation is famous for its beautiful alley of oak trees.  We saw a picture of it and that is why we chose this plantation.

But when we got to the alley of oak trees it didn't look the same as the pictures and was pretty but not amazing like the picture had made it look.

We were kinda disappointed but took our posed pictures in front of it.

But then we realized we were at the back of the house, and that the real oak alley was at the front of the house.

And it was amazing.  Lined with 300 year old oak trees.

So we redid our pictures.

Aren't they amazing!

Here is a picture that will help give you some perspective on how big these trees are.

Exploring with Daddy.

The house.

 We did a tour of the house which was interesting but not nearly as grand as I expected.

Alice being silly on the balcony.

After the tour we walked down the alley of oaks.

Here comes Alice!

This girl loves running around and the outdoors.

Oak Alley as seen from across the street.  Isn't it amazing how much the oaks sprawl out!

Across the street from the plantation is the levy and the Mississippi river.

So we climbing up it to see the view.

"I made it!"

The Mighty Mississippi.

Then it was back home for dinner and my choice in movie which was the documentary Babies.

Stephen took it like a trooper with minimum complains :o)

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, great story, and we hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your family is beautiful, and we are so glad you guys had a good time. -- Oak Alley Staff