Monday, February 28, 2011


Check out this beauty.

That's right, I got a manual typewriter.

It's a Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe portable typewriter from the 60s.

Notice it is my favorite color, Martha Stewart blue.

Yes that is a real color.

My Kitchen Aid mixer is in the same color.

Google it if you don't believe me.

It's the perfect shade of Robin's egg blue and aqua.

Don't get me started, I could go on and on about that perfect shade.

Moving on..

I can't remember how I came to want a typewriter, but I do remember that it was sudden.

As soon as the idea of owning a manual typewriter entered my silly red head I was all over it.

I researched different kinds and what would serve my purpose best at the lowest cost.

What purpose is it to serve you may ask...

Good question...


Anything and everything I can think of.

I found this typewriter on Etsy for $45.

It is in great condition, it just needs a new ink ribbon (which I ordered online for $10).

I have never in my life put my fingers on a manual type writer.

I had no idea how hard you have to hit the keys.

(Here is a close up of one of the keys)

I have discovered that beyond looking adorable on its own and having an awesome font and look to it, it makes the best noises.

The "thwack!" of the keys.

The rolling ticking noise when you move the paper back to the starting position.

And best of all, the ding at the end of each line.

That ding is the best sound ever!

Well, since I can't show the noises, here is the other awesome parts.

Writing on a typewriter makes me want to be more literary in my writing.

It makes me one to write things such as...

Now I just have to wait (very impatiently) to get the new ribbon and I will be typing away

...on something




Nancy said...

Can you imagine having a speed typing time test with this typewriters? I can :)

Love the color!

Patti said...

I remember my Mom typing furiously fast on a manual typewriter...I still have pages she typed where the period almost goes through the paper...and then I tried it...thought I could do as well, and failed miserably. My first Smith Carona was one of the first ELECTRIC typwriters...with an ink cassette..and a WHITE out cassette..too impossibly cool!

Stephanie said...

Your dad and I were talking about the typewriters we had growing up and we were trying to describe the color...kinda grayish-greenish-bluish. Had a cool cover. Hated it when the keys got all stuck together. The little "ding" is a commentary to the Povlov's Dog Theory. Once you get trained, that "ding" just automatically sends your hand up and over! You don't even have to think about it! On the old cop shows, they would track down a criminal by the notes they left with the typewriter...each typewriter having it's particular fingerprint, as in your crooked "i". Write me a letter!!!!

Herenya said...

I just picked up this exact model at an indoor flea market for $25! I love the Smith-Corona brand typewriters. I have three, an electric, a large Galaxie 12 and this Corsair Deluxe. They all work so smoothly and make lovely sounds. The electric one hums so pleasantly when turned on. I know exactly what you mean when you say they make you want to be more literary!

Herenya said...
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Christine said...

HI- I just purchased one on ebay. Where did you find the ribbon? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi! Sorry, this is weird, but I got to this page through google while looking for reference images of a typewriter. I'm wondering if you took these pictures and, if you did, if I could have your permission to use your work as a reference for a painting I've been commissioned to do. I am of course more than happy with crediting your work in any online posts of the final work. If you could get in touch with me via email: that would be great! I'm just trying to be more careful with online references as of late. Thank you! And sorry if this creeped you out!!