Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest/Craft Room

I realized the other day while looking through some old blog posts that I never finished the before and afters of the house!

Worst of all, I forgot to show you my favorite room!

The craft room! (also the guest room)

Here is the before:

Taking down that stupid border was such a pain!


Aren't those scissors awesome! I got them at Target!

Guest Room Side:

Sorry guests, we never got around to getting a bed frame.

Craft Room Side:

Here is my little work space for my Etsy stuff.

Androgynous Andy helping me with my apple tags.

This is what I do with some of my pieces in limbo:

They are crying "please buy us and give us a forever home!"

Now not only do I love this room because it has all of my wonderful crafting supplies but also because of the special decor pieces.

Like this antique writing desk and piano stool.

That piano stool holds a lot of memories for me.

That was the stool my mom always used when she cut my hair as a child.

On top of the writing dest is the bouquet that I held while Maid of Honor at my best friend Anna's wedding.

This is the picture that is next to it.

(Sorry for the picture of a picture, I don't have a scanner)

That is Anna at her wedding.

The wedding dress was handmade by her mom.

It's a great crafting inspiration, as well as my very favorite picture of Anna.

This is where I keep a lot of my craft supplies.

That middle square is overflowing with Martha Stewart Living magazines.

I love Martha.

Well, at least the Martha corporation.

I don't know her well enough to say I love her personally.

On top of this organizer is a spice holder I got as a wedding present and had intended to use but it took up too much precious counter space.

So I used it here.

Here is the room facing the other direction.

Behind that cutain is this:

That blue dresser is filled with more craft supplies.

Don't ask me how I acumulated so many craft supplies, I honestly don't know.

I think they might multiply when I'm not looking.

Which is fine by me!

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Nancy said...

I think you should take up interior decorating!